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Ok well i have almost sold my 2001 E39 5 Series BMW which i had looking just right, however its time for a change.

So basically i have 17K to spend on my car. I have found a 2002 C240 Elegance with 120K on the clock for 13K which i have put a deposit on.

The cars White on Black leather with the stock woodgrain trim.

So basically i have a few grand to spend on the car.

I need some major inspiration, so could you guys show me some pics of your C-Classes ( preferably in white, however i don't really mind)

Im not a fan of the super low chromed cars, so basically id like to make the car look sporty with spoked rims ( massive rear offset ) and maybe some lowered suspension.

Anyway heres the ideas i had.

1. Matte Black Mercedes Grill and Sports Badge

2. AMG Bodykit

3. Black 19" Wheels

4. Slightly Lowered sports suspension ( unsure of brand )

5. Double DIN headunit... anybody got any pics of their headunit install

6. Subwoofer and keep the stock speakers for now.

7. Maybe smoked tails

8. Quad tips??

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Well there you go, location helps. There's a thread of a black on black lowered, etc. car from a few years back. Someone just revived the thread recently if I remember right. Should be what you're looking for. Search a bit. Your prices down there are stupid! I paid $17.5 for my 07 Sport almost 2 years ago. It already has all the goodies you want to add plus the remainder of the factory warranty.
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