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what should i do to bring my sl up to speed?

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just picked up a 1998 sl500 with 70K

what should i do?

i already plan on changing the oil.. should i change the tranmission fluid as well? should i also just change the spark plugs? anything else i should look at?

i realize some of these things MIGHT have been done, but it could put my mind at ease if i just change them now.. will also give me some time under the hood of this car
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Congrats on your new SL and welcome to the forum!

You might try running your VIN at the nearby dealer just to insure any recalls are up to date - -perhaps you can learn where it's been maintained and pick up some records on the service.

If they're consistently maintained, there's really not a heck of a lot to do unless your buyers inspection turned up anything. If you haven't had it inspected, you might do well to put your location into your profile and get a list of reputable, reasonable repair services in your area.

Please post a picture or two when you can - -and enjoy !


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How anal are you??? If your like me,Change the engine oil & filter,transmission oil&filter,anti-freeze,brake fluid{all of it} I would also change the diff. oil and the power steering oil!!!!! I would also pull the wheels & check the brake pads,and while you have the wheels off, inspect& repack the front bearings!!! I know this sounds like alot of stuff to do,but, IF you can do it YOURSELF,you will know its been done and will give you piece of mind. Use the correct fluids and DON'T pull any shortcuts and you will be REWARDED with MANY trouble-free miles {HOPEFULLY} Good Luck!![8D]
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