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What should i be careful for and probs im having with my s 500 cp

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Okay, i'm seventeen and a half and for my graduaition i went to the auction and purchased <br> a 95' Mercedes Benz s500 coupe w/ 80k. It has been an absolute blast to drive and it came <br> with z-rated tires on 18' amg rims so it definantly looks awsome. I'm afraid of costs though <br> cause i keep hearing all these horror stories with the car and how horrifically expensive it is <br> to maintain, so im wondering if there is anything i can do to extend the life of the car. SO far it <br> does fine, except the mirrors on th driver side and passenger side are loose, so they rattle slighty<br> when i go over 30mph, and i was wondering how to fix that. Along with that, is it possible to work <br> on the car myself (drain and replace oil, fluids) . Luckily i have many connections that deal with<br> s-classes and so forth, but the last thing i want is to pay 27k for a car and spend 10k in service for <br> 4-years in college. I drive the car carefully and dont punch the gas(as the feul tank seems to <br> dissipate at each moment) The car has had its services and i checked to make sure that was the<br> case. Even though the car runs fine i still want to take it to a mechanic and check everything.<br> Please respond with things i can do to check certain gauges and take care of the car as much <br> as i can by myself without having to take it to the shop too often. Manuals, books, caution tips etc. <br> I appreciate it much.
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You have no worries at 17 with an S-Class my friend
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