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2007 ML350, 2005 CLK500 Conv., 2003 ML350 Sport(sold), 2007 C230 (sold), 2001 SLK320 Sport (sold)
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I have a 2003 ML350 Sport and I have been looking for a set of replacement rims since I bought it. I finally decided on Carlsson 2/5's that look great on ML's. It just so happened that I located a set on eBay and after winning the bid and shipping I have a great set of 19x10 Carlssons with Pirelli Scorpion 285/45 19's for less than I would have paid for new tires for the stock rims.

Well they arrived on Friday and I went to get them mounted on Saturday. Discount Tire pulled the my stock wheels off and went to mount the new rims and tires. I knew that the lug bolts that were sent to me were in bad shape and the previous owner sent them with a set of wheel locks that were much shorter. I was concerned that these may not fit correctly and I was right, the stock lugs are about 3/4 inch to long. Discount Tire tried to located the correct lugs and stated I needed a 14 x 1.5 ball seat lug. They did not have them in their shop or warehouse and recommeded that I go to the dealer to get them. Well the dealer did not have anything other than the stock size either. I located a set of what I think are the correct lugs on eBay:

But before I order them I want to be sure. Does anyone have experience with the Carlsson 2/5's and what lug bolts are required for the ML?

I am very anxious to get these on because the stock Dunlop Sport 5000's that now have 20k miles are completely gone... 3/32nds maybe left. Is that normal? I hope the Pirellis last longer. Living in AZ may have caused them to heat up more than normal which would cause unnatural wear, but my Michelins on my old QX4 were still decent at 40k. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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