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What kind of rims for my ride?

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Here is my CLK cab, what kind of rims does anyone recommend? What other mods do you think I should do? I just recently ordered the 6.5" star grille from autoblz.

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i dont know buddy but i think it looks good how it is, send us some pics once you put the grill on but rims looks nice as it is ... only thing maybe a new front bumper, lorinser maybe but its not neccessary, looks good.
Nice car. Here's what i recommend

I like the look of the CL five spoke wheels (the ones that come on the CL65) 19" AMG CL wheels would look awesome. You can get the centers graphite but i think straight silver would look awesome. Also, get some Koni shocks and H&R springs, should lower it 1.4" front 1.3" rear and give you just a tiny bit of wheel tuck. It will help your handling as well. My personal tastes are screaming "RETURN the star grille" but its your car and if you like it go with it, i think the car looks great with the current setup you have, but if you're looking for some better handling a better look, the wheel and suspension route would be a winner. Here's a link to those wheels (these are the 18s but 19s will look better)...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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