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What kind of C Coupe problems???

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I have read a lot of posts stating that people are having 'problems' with their C coupe.<br> That seems pretty general, what kind of problems are you actually having with the car?? And how many of you have been problem free???
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I have had 3900 trouble free miles. Common problems include pulling to the right, electronic key malfunctions, and fuel sender problems. These happen to all C's, not just the coupe.
it just same as C240<br> and i don't have any problem so far.<br> 30000 kms<br> <br> the shittiest problem of C coupe is, the 2nd gear is too short. Cut off gas at 80 something km/H (around 50 mph). SIGH.<br> <br> i guess C32 gear ratios is different.
c320 problem list...

Hi all.<br>
Sorry to hear about your C-series problems.<br>
Here are mine. 2001 C320 16k miles.<br>
1. Brake squeal- dealer said it was the wheel cleaner that people use.<br>
2. Front struts squeaks, then the rear after a couple of months. It happens when car is driven for several miles and going over speed bumps and steep driveway. It happens intermittently. Been to shop 2 times, can't replicate. I was told to comeback when I experience it again.<br>
3. When stopped at the light specially when the car is just started, it sounds like the car sputters for a couple of seconds and then the car is fine all day. No faulty codes found. Could be the ABS, since I could feel the brake pedal pulsate a bit when that happens.<br>
4. Right front directional, the bulb socket is slightly scorced, had to sand it for better contact. Made of aluminum?<br>
5. Humming noise when driving on asphalt, shop said it was the tires cupping, all four. I rotate the tires every 7.5k miles- dealer said take it up with tire company.<br>
I had 3 SUBARU's with a total of 160k miles combined and never went to the dealer for any problem. Just regular maintenance. I also have a 1987 MB 190e-16 valve, 90k miles no problems. I think these new generation of Benzes are not well made. I am getting so frustrated.<br>
I hope this helps.<br>
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Re: c320 problem list...

new generation benz sux...<br> the material used is very cheap now compared to last class. especially last gen of S class, it's much more better than the new one.<br> <br> and Chrysler sux!<br> took the benz engine over to them!
**alert: lemon lemon lemon

Lemon lemon lemon.I purchase a c coupe in august of 2001. I had a total of 17 problems.The engine was cutting off all the time.I had to get the car towed from the gas station to the dealer after the car refused to start for the 6th time. Just put it this way I do not have enough room to type all of the things that went wrong with the car. I had to get an attorney. We are currently going through the lemon law with mbnz and breech of warranty with the dealer because they did not fix my car in a timely matter.From march 1st to april ninth the car was in the dealer for 24 days. I left ths pos with them stop making payments went to the audi dealership told them the situation walked away with an a4 1.8 t quattro. This car is so much better than the c coupe. Don't let that star on the front of the mercedes draw you in like it did me. The star don't mean shit if you can't get from a to b.
Re: **alert: lemon lemon lemon

Bought a C230K December 26. It is now June 5 and I have over 5000 miles. Absolutely no problems, not even a little one. I think this is about the tenth new Mercedes I have bought over about the last 35 years and at this mileage, this has been the most trouble free one yet. No squeaks, no rattles, runs great, no problems at all.
you're lucky I am not

I know that anything man mad isn't going to be perfect. I guess I got the bad one. But I love my 2002 Audi A4 quattro. I have 5000 miles on it with no problems a great car.
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