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What is this part? why isnt it connected

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The connector isnt connected to anything its on the back side of my engine close to the firewall. Its very close to where the break line booster hose is. And the other picture is my repaired break line booster hose i was wondering if this could be a reason my car wont cut on sometimes?


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That looks like a temp valve connector. look for a electrical plug on the block or intake manifold that has two prongs on it, near the driver's side valve cove.
Brake pad sensor wire connectors tend to be of the round variety.

That brake booster line fix is dodgy at best. You need to buy a new brake booster line, if it fails again you are back to very hard brake pedal and it may go at the worst time, braking in heavy traffic. They are about 40 bucks from AutohauzAZ.
That is a theremo valve, either 50 degree or 70 degree, not sure which on your car. It has to do with the cold start valve or idle control.
EPC is your friend free in US for US cars, 12 bucks a year for Euro/world wide cars. Well worth the bucks.

EPC-net Online

Last picture is not a factory wire loom collection. Looks DIY to gather loose wires.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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