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What is this and where do I get a new one?

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I'm doing the timing chain on my 1972 350sl 4.5. I tore it down and found this in between the harmonic balancer and the crankshaft timing sprocket. It shows damage from the oil pump chain and has a crack at the key way.

I don't know what it's called and cannot find it on the EPC.


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I wasn't able to get the 27mm bolt out of my 1972 350sl 4.5 crankshaft, and never got the timing case cover off the crankshaft. So I've got this big honking thing in my garage and haven't scrapped it yet. I hadn't seen the thing you are talking about, but now that I see you say it was damaged by the oil pump chain, maybe I can locate the part. I guess if it's really worth it, I could take this crank shaft I have to a shop and have them deploy some better tools on it to get the part you need. However, I would imagine it would be cheaper to buy new from MB.

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