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what is a sportline exactly?

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my 88 300CE seems to have beefier looking seat bolsters than my friend's 89 300E, but my car never came w/ the sportline badge on lower front quarter panel,... so I am assuming its not one

closest analogy I can think of is my car being a VW Golf and Sportline being a Golf GTi, but specifically what is different on a sportline version?
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Sportline badging was usually only fitted to W124 and W201 models that received the full sports package. This included lower ride height, stiffer springs and damping, wider wheels and tyres, faster steering ratio, smaller steering wheel, Sportline shift knob, and in some instances seating with additional bolstering for only four passengers. Obviously wagon versions retained the standard rear seating and I believe in some cases wagons and sedans retained standard seating throughout (seating for 5 in sedan and up to 7 in wagon). Because the coupes already had different seating for only four, I believe the Sportline versions of the coupe had the same seats as the standard coupe. As far as I am aware, Sportline was only available in the W124 and W201 and only after the first styling update to the W124 occured in 1989. Some of the features of my W201 (190E-2.3) Sportline can be seen in my gallery at:
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I have two sportlines 1993 W201 Limited edition 2.6 no markings at all 700 produced for the US only, my car is 400 something, black, black with red interior, 1992 300E sedan 500E int. 4 place seating badges on the front fenders only, nice cars not as harsh as AMG. Anyone have any idea how many 300E sedans where sportlines?


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