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What is a caster bucket ?

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where is the Caster buckets
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Hi smallchange,

Here is a post from the W126 forum. Search > W126 > Caster box.

This should get you off to a good start.

The repair made a huge difference in my 560.

[:)] MBL
Hi smallchange,

Here is the one I was looking for:

Cheers, MBL
MBL thanks for that info i will get this done this week.......who dose your work for you in Boston MA, any good mechanic's you know.... you may not want to say who in this Forum Call me at 617-901-7427
Thanx James
Hi smallchange,

I purchased the MB CDs off a vendor on EBay, just so I know if there is some job I can do, or if I really should get someone else with the specialized knowledge and special tools to do the work. Years ago, I spoke 'fluent Volvo' at several V. dealerships in & around Boston. I've little experience w Mercedes-benz, save the year plus I've had my 560.

For repair work (quite a bit last driving season) I'm pleased with the results I've gotten at Smith Motor Sales up in Haverhill, off Rte 495. That is a real hike from Boston (93N > 495N > Haverhill) for you.
There is an MB dealership much closer to me in Natick, MA (off 9 West) where I had a somewhat expensive & less than acceptable service experience. Having spent many years in high line European auto service: it is hard to trust someone else to do the service work correctly and not take shortcuts at my expense. At Smith Motors I feel I have an excellent working relationship with both the Parts & Service departments.

I take it, you're not going back to Chambers.... ?

For MB service closer to you, I'd ck with > CarTalk section. I'd look at their 'MechanXfiles' section. Look for an MB shop, probably across the river in Cambridge or Somerville. See if you can find a tech with grey hair. Yup, I said that. He'll be more likely to have had much more W126 experience than a younger person. All the shops listed will have ratings (& have been recommended) by the shops' own customers. [:)]

You will spend some $$ getting that work done. You won't regret it, if your experience was anything like mine. It'll tighten things up quite a bit.

Couldn't hurt, Good Luck, MBL
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MBL you have been a great help to me i just ordered the Cd's your pictures let me know just what i'm looking for, my car runs great I only feel a small shimmer at high speeds 68+ (just enough to drive me crazy) lol Chamber wants $2,499 parts and labor for all the work above there service sucked thay had the car for 5 days. my mechanic at European Car Doctor across from the fenway ballpark is good, all he fixes is European high end cars. he just busy as hell at $ I think i'll that it back to him this week i hope. i'll let all know how she running after i get it repaired...$$$$$$$$$...but that the price we pay for being Benz lovers........smallchange


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Hi smallchange,

Installed at Smith (figure includes Parts & Labor *NO sales tax & 'shop supplies'):

One Caster Bucket Joint $426.
Alignment & set ride height: $110.
Car freshly washed & dried when picked up. N/C

The steering stabilizer shock is easily a 2 nut (unless you count yourself, making it 3) DIY job & the part is $24 from GermanStar - one of our benzworld sponsors.

Cheesh, man, Good Luck MBL
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This isn't that hard of a job if they aren't rusted. If they are only worn out they pop out easily with a few hard blows. I used a kit from and it was an awesome kit with great directions. Of course my rusted joint wasn't covered, nor the technique I came up with. (Necessity is the Mother of Invention) Heres the link, they use Lemforder in the kit which IMO is a top shelf kit. Support Rod Joint Repair Kit

I swear every repair shop calls this part a different name so its hard to figure out what it is. It cost me $120 the shop wanted $1900.
well today i packed up my car after having the above work done to it........ the front end work i had repaired was WELL worth it i have no regrats at all the cost for the repairs was steep $1,200 bucks but that the price you got to pay. now she drives like a Benz....thanks for all the help....... smallchange
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