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1986 560SL
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My new to me 560 came back from the shop yesterday and after 2 fuel pumps and a fuel accumulator my warm start issue is solved.

I never received any maintenance records with the purchase so I had all the fluids changed as well. Now have a good base for the future.

I also planned on having them replace the chain guides and cam oilers. After they opened things up the shop advised that everything still appeared to be on good shape, guides still a nice white, and they would recommend leaving alone so that’s what I did. Odometer only show 47,000 miles so I wasn’t planning on having to address the chain itself and it also looks fine. Any thoughts on when I should have the shop check the guides again?

The oil light was coming on after a few miles. Oil level was fine and the gauge showed good pressure. Evidentially problem is a sending unit in the bottom of the engine and they would have had to drop the pan. Wife was already talking about a bunch of new stuff equal to what was being spent on the car so the light will keep coming on.

Cruise control hasn’t worked since I’ve had the car. New control unit was $1,000 for just the part so for now I’ll keep pushing the accelerator. Today I did notice I could get a refurbed unit from pelican parts for $235 and there a bunch of used ones available on ebay for under $100. How complicated is the control unit replacement? Is it something someone as mechanically disinclined as myself could manage?
1 - 2 of 2146 Posts