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what happens next ?

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Just received an update on my slk350,
the ship is in and as of this afternoon the
car has been listed as DISCHARGED, anyone know
what the procedure is from here ?
Thanks, vz
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From the port it goes to the VPC to be checked out before being trucked to your dealer.
I think my ship must have gone down. The car was supposed to arrive in port this past Monday and I had not heard from my dealer. Called him today and he has no word that it has arrived. Said he would check but can't seem to locate it. Alternatively, it may have been given to someone else[:0]

Who knows, I may end up with the Boxter after all...[;)]
Don't dispair. I couldn't get any info on my car during the time it was at the VPC. M/B evidently doesn't keep the dealers too well advised.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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