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2008 PT, 1998 neon--1965 VW 1200
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Realizing fully now that the car sat for a long while and/or was woefully maintained by the previous owner, what else can i expect to fix in the near future?

i ask because im beginning to run into those gremlins that only used cars that werent used much have. not including seals and soft trim, im looking at replacing:

Muffler hangers--a buck each x 3
Alternator/Volt regulator--seems about 65+25
Rebuild/replace rear caliper--25-30 bux
Fuel sender--60 bux
something in the aux fan stopped working(fuse?)--unknown bux

and now i have to buy the Nintendo DS, i heard a new Lunar game is comin out! *happy Lunar game dance*

so what else can i expect to repair/replace on the car in the near future? thank the stars i bought a new iComputadora last term, so i wont have any expenses other than motoring, maybe i can get one of those woodgrain kits from the aussies(but arent they like a grand?)
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