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what else can cause

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what else can cause a p2006 the plastic broken flap was replace and getting runner stuck in close position.vacuum is working fine when i disconnected from the actuator.the runner flat goes back to open.????
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check the 2 switchover valves under the intake manifold. has the manifold been replaced?
one of them is bad and the sad thing is they don't sell it only complete manifold dumb ass set up.
if your talking about the valves you see on top....then yes its the whole manifold. they offer a repair kit aftermarket. only reason I don't like it is the bushings on the inside also come apart....that I have seen get in the cylinder and cause major damage. so the repair kit only replaces the links on the outside while the bushings on the inside can still fail. the 2 switchover valves under the intake sell separate. I have replace those a few times myself
yeah the 2 underneath with the electrical connector and 2 vacuum lines are separate. we ordered them from Mercedes, any dealer should be able to get them. 1 is for the resonance flap and the other is tumble flap. cant remember which is which. I usually just check WIS before I replace it. or just replace both
thanks i call the dealer yes that part # is correct for the 2 electrical switch over solenoids at $73.50 each no need to change intake thank god
$147.00 plus intake gaskets is better than a $1000+ intake manifold for sure :thumbsup:
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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