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I had a chance to see a speech from Howard Schultz, chairman of Starbuck.
One thing I remember that it is very important for business to have a core product or service. As obvious, coffee is the core product of Starbucks.

Here are some of my thoughts;
Apple – ipod (used to be mac)
BMW – 3 series (more that 2/3 of BMW sales are 3 series, if I have correct information)
Honda – small engine & cars (such as lawn mower, motorcycle, Civic and Accord)
Swatch – watch
Rolex – premium watch
Outback – Steak
and so forth …

So, what do you think the CORE product of Mercedes-Benz?
I couldn’t decide since there are too many models.
My best guess is SL.

Thanks a ton in advance for your replies.

P.S. This thread is not endorsed or affiliated with any business for commercial purposes. Just I want to share information with other Mercedes-Benz owners.
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