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What do you think of this Wheels ?

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I am changing my AMG 18" wheels to the ones that has been posted in this forum. Attached herewith is the image of the rims taken in this forum.

I will like to get everyone opinion of this wheels, does it fit perfectly with a iridium silver body of the slk ? Besides, does this rim comes in 18" ?

Thanks !
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These are my favorite M/B wheels. I saw them on a silver SL65 and they looked great.
Remember, this car has been dropped about an 1 1/2 inches with H&R springs. As least that's what the guy told me that owns it. Yes the wheels do come in an aftermarket (Tire Rack) 18".
Wheels look terrific.

Can you be a little more specific about where thay come from and the number.
I travel to the US frequently and may look at picking up accessories for my yet-to-be-delivered 350. It seems cheaper in US than OZ.
Singapore may turn out to be cheaper again.

Where u intend to get those rims? Also how much???

Here is the references you're looking for:

7,5 x 18 ET 37 B6 603 1368 tyre size 225/40 (for FA and RA)
8,5 x 18 ET 30 B6 603 1362 tyre size 245/35 (RA only)

more infos:

BTW thoses rims are very very very good looking!
yo Mark... the price of those rims can buy the FULL AMG kit... it's very very very expensive....

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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