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What do you do in real life?

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Somewhere there was a thread a while back, but I couldn't dig it up.

So, what does this eclectic collection of 107 owners do in real life? Has to be an interesting mix of professions.

I'll start - Retired three years ago from running the Internet Operations and also working with the NASCAR program at AAA Michigan and it's group of six midwest AAA clubs. The SL was a retirement gift to myself. Now I'm retired by doing digital marketing consulting work for the AAA National Office working from home. Great gig - polish the car while being on a conference call with the speaker phone on. Spare time is spent sailing.

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I work doing conferencing, comms and networking (IT) for one of the big investment banks (but I'm certainly not an investment banker), while getting my MB Parts importing business off the ground.

It's work, I show up, and do my time, but I also spend some time on the forums at work too (is that bad?? :-o )
Paycheck: Electronics repair and diagnostics on commercial vehicles. Lots of time spent on the road (in my trusty MB's) traveling to the customer to repair problems on site.

Spare time: Wrench on old cars, play with my old guitars, and restore vintage (mostly vacuum tube based) audio equipment.
Awright, I do IT admin work. Nice, and not so pleasant at the same time. Yet it gives me freedom to check into personal email/web stuff at my leisure, and NOT affecting any company productivity at best.
I was a self employed network engineer for 10 years but I stopped that 6 months ago. Now I buy and sell cars from Police Impound Auctions... You'de be amazed at how cheap I get some of these old mercedes at =]
I'm an engineer in aerospace, mostly the space part, and mostly imaging systems, although we build other things, too. We built the imaging sensors for Hubble (not the mirror, thankfully) and we're building the imaging sensors for James Webb Space Telescope, which will go up to replace Hubble. One of my programs recently wound up in the ocean off Antarctica, when the rocket failed. We spent three years building those parts, and it's a little frustrating.

In a previous life, I spent 10 years as Manager of IT for a couple of software development companies, but computers are strictly a hobby these days. I left the field after the IT market melted down, and my company was bought by Computer Associates. I don't like working for large companies.
I started in the oil field and have worked my way down. I now maintain obsolete equipment of the electromechanical nature.
i was a prothetist/orthotist for @ 20 years and retired about 5 years ago.
now i enjoy buying and selling things that keep the hands parts anything i can purchase at auction and turn quickly(wifey hates stuff just sitting around).

Copulate with a woman.
Pics or it didn't happen.
^Of course it is.
I am a tech. service rep. for a construction equip mfg. co. I get phone calls concerning everything from parts to operation, maintenance, relevant tools,etc. I also take orders, do expediting, handle the abrasives line and the natural stone products line.
I also do maintenance. Basically anything at home or with family, friends.
For example: Mom and Dad's dishwasher quit. Dad bought a new one and while they were at the hospital, I went over and installed it. (my Mom had surgery, had to have a plate pinned in her upper arm, broken in three pieces)
Another example: the clothes dryer at home was starting to squeak. Pulled it apart saturday and rebuilt it.
Not a bad shade tree mecahnic, either. Pretty good at figuring things out.
Surfing here helps with that last item. Worked on a lot of different vehicles, but this is the first Mercedes, so this place has really been a boon.
My last job was CEO of a communications systems builder.
Before, I managed public transit development programs.
I retired at 52 when I lost interest in the business world.
I'm still plugging away in my 30 th year as a Lead Mechanic at an airline.
The shift I'm on allows me to pursue other I build, repair, overhaul military field equipment for a small company....which sometimes sends me places.
This is one of the programs I run at job #2

I work and the lovely Nobette is a stay at home Mom and does the admin for my small enterprise.


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I work for a small shipping company. I specialize in the offshore Oil & Gas industry, and the vessels and personnel and owners who operate sophisticated vessels offshore to do these works. If you've ever seen Oil, Sweat and Rigs on Discovery Channel - those are my ships.

My unofficial "title" is - Generally in Charge of a lot of things - or "Director of Administrivia. If you don't know what to do with it or how to make it happen - give it to Will"

I love my job...
I run the maintenance department of a small (685 apartment) public housing authority.

The job alternates between being interesting and a PIA, dealing with staff, residents and emergencies, as well as planning and technical issues. The greatest thing about it is the abundance of time off I have. Unfortunately, taking off without someone ratting me out to the wife is a problem I have yet to solve.

Lately I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure how our stimulus money could be diverted to management bonuses. It seems to work for everyone else! :D

I am retired from technical operations in a major gas pipeline, which was part of Enron. I left before the collapse on 01 because I difn't like the Co phylosophy and after years of downsizing had 3 times the work and responsability and no more money. Have messed with old cars for over 40 years and still am hooked. Love my 560 more than any I have had, except my first muscle car I bought new in '65 Can't believe it was only 3150.00 a lot back then tho'
Client-Server Software Manager for a public water and electric utility.
I forecast the weather here for NOAA. I work rotating shift with a five-week cycle, six days, two off; seven mids/swings, three off; five days, three off; seven mids/swings, two off; six days, etc. I get two weekends out of five.

I have 24 years service and plan to go in another two, market cooperating. If so, a nice pension awaits me. I've been trying to accumulate some savings in anticipation but the Benz has put an end to that. :)
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