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I'm purchasing my speakers/Amps right now and wondering what else I would need inorder to make my aftermarkt audio sytem to work with my Stock Head Unit? I sort of remember something about LOC but I can't recall how it works and why anymore. Please help!

The audio system is going into my 2003 ML500 with BOSE Audio system package and MCS Head Unit.

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Replacing the speakers can be done, but my guess is your output levels will be lower due to the higher impedance of aftermarket speakers vs. Bose speakers.

As for connecting an aftermarket amplifier, it’s not going to be easy. The MCS sends its audio output to the Bose amplifier via the D2B fiber optic network. You’ll need to somehow tap into the Bose amplifier after the incoming digital signal has been converted to analog, but before it’s amplified. The other alternative is to use adapters to convert the speaker-level output of the Bose amp into line-level inputs for the new amp.
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