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My company car, an Australian V6 Holden Commodore Wagon[like a Pontiac GTO/Vauxhall Monaro frontend but 4 door stationwagon rear]gets warped rotors all the time. I carry a fair weight in it, and well, it's a company car.
The service guy at the dealer told me it's due to the new "softer" metal disc rotors that car manufacturers use to increase braking performance. I used to get the discs machined every 5000kms to eliminate the vibration from the discs, but once you get the problem once, the metal warps quite easily again and again. To reduce this I have found for example, when you brake hard, at a red light, and come to a stop. Roll forward a foot or two then 10 seconds later roll forward again. This allows the whole disc to disipate the heat from braking. The calipers have a lot of heat, and hold it in the disc between the pads while the rest of the disc gets the chance to cool slightly. This seems to be the reason for the warping, as since doing this I have found I get 10k-15k kms before I need the discs machined. I had new rotors put on my 300SL 18,000kms ago and follow this routine. I drive it hard through the great twisting coastal roads where I live and, touch wood, have no vibrations and no warping in the brakes.

Hope it helps

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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