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What can I replace it with?

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My Daimler gets sold this weekend. It was the perfect car and immaculate in every way, but keeping it 20 minutes away has not been a good idea for usage.

So I'm looking for something else. I had thoughts of a Range Rover, but anything less than a couple of years old is not that appealing, and any model newer is horrendously expensive for something that will only be used in the wet, or on an occasional basis.

If you had an unlimited choice for a budget of around US$20,000, what would you buy? (Non-American, sorry, we just don't get them over here!)

Ken Silver
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~1991 Jaguar Daimler, shiny grey/grey leather.
~ex 350SL, 230E, 280E, MX5 and a lot of other makes not nearly as nice.

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Might want to read this post I found in the MS section.

I too was impressed with the Lexus RX series. But it took one accident in a parking lot for me to realize that you can have all the crash tests in the world, and where it counts is the real-world situation.

The RX tests well in highly orchestrated crash tests, but as I found out, a low speed impact from an errant driver in a supermarket parking lot against the RX's side showed major cabin intrusion and the whole B pillar was pushed into the frame - collapsing altogether.

It completely shook my faith in the Toyota safety cage structure.

Then I look at all of the forum members who have been involved in high speed crashes and coming out unscratched in their ML's and I realize that my choice in cars also factors in proven safety - kind of like an insurance policy.

And then I think any W163 sounds really great compared to a Toyota/Lexus
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