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1998 c43 amg
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hi i just signed up and im new to this.i have a few questions about my 1998 has 91xxx miles and ive done few things to it like: k&n filters,ama's oil,took off the resanater and now running straght pipe inlpace of it,new grill for better air,smoke cornners just for looks,hid's 10,000k,245 45 17 tires in the rear.
i was going to lower it with h&r srings but i found that the amg spring are thicker then h&r' that better or should i not lower it.this car has a lot of torque and rubs ever time i shift and still did when i had the 245 40 17's.what should i do about lowering it and what brand of springs should i go with? i was looking into a evospart Under Drive Pulley Kit but havnt got around to it. ohhhhh i wanted to know if anyone knows if there are slotted or drilled rotors that are not the big brake kits for the c43 and were to buy.

i saw that some of you have seen that c55 on ebay.i have talked to that guy.he has done three of those conversions of the 5.5l.he's been selling two c43's that white and a black one.i asked him how much he could put a 5.5l in mine for and he said $9,500 with labor and and he has like five engines.if you want hes email i can give it to you:[email protected] or just go to you can find him by going to keywords and type: Mercedes Benz AMG Motors & Parts

well thanks and let me knew what i can do to my car[8]
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