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What can I do about brake dust other than just cleaning it off every other day?

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What can I do about brake dust other than just cleaning it off every other day? Does anyone use these porterfield brake pads that are advertised on top of this forum? How is the stopping power? Do they have less brake dust than the oem pads? Any response is appreciated.
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Brake Dust Shields (
Wouldn't recommend it. The shields dramatically decreases brake cooling which can cause...

warpage to say the least. Had them on. Big mistake. There are too many problems associated with it to make for less dust.<br> <br> I suggest getting Porterfield brake pads. Dust is almost non-existent and brakes are improved as well.
Thanks for the info Frank.

Frank, I was wondering if you have Porterfield brake pads on your car? Front and back pads or just front? Is there any special way to put them on since MB cars are pretty complicated. Can you, personally, get me some kind of discount with them?<br> <br> Thanks alot for the info again.
Re: Thanks for the info Frank.

Yes I have them on my E class. The brakes on MBs are not complicated. Same as others so their is no special way of putting them on.<br> <br> Discounts, I believe he gives some to members so give him a call and tell him I sent you. He already has the lowest prices anywhere. :) Good luck.
There is nothing you can do, I have the same damn problem. Please read what I posted today <br> Don't buy C320. <br>
Aftermarket brake pads. Porterfield and Axxis make pads that are almost dust free.....

Jerry at My should be able to help you. He may need an outline traceing to identify the exact pads that you need.
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