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What are these wires for?

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1988 560SL. While reinstalling aux water pump after repair, I found these wires and plugs dangling near mono valve. But I couldn’t find any empty sockets?
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the upper pair of wires/pins look like they should go to a lamp socket. The other one has a plastic connector with two pins: 2 brown and 2 blk/yel to each pin.
Any ideas?
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Roncallo, I couldn't find any part number on the harness.
RDelpino, I don't think it's for the sensor in your photo. Those are already connected on mine. Here's the underside of the connector:
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And this is the switch mentioned:
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What does it switch?
It looks like something is missing here...
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And I can't see any evidence of burglar alarm on mine?
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Is there any way of knowing if an alarm was installed, where it is, or what it would look like? Or how it is armed/disarmed?
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