Trying to find the best wiper blades for your vehicle can be a challenge, so we asked the BenzWorld community to help us find the best Mercedes windshield wipers and you did not disappoint.

When you notice your windshield wipers start to leave nasty streaks behind or chatter and squeak as they operate, it’s time to replace them. We recommend swapping them out at least once a year, even twice depending on what your local climate is. It’s better to act early rather than wait until they completely break down when you need them most.

So we asked you which windshield wiper blades you relied on for your Mercedes-Benz. The ones you had tested out day after day, storm after storm, and went back to the next time you needed them. Here are your recommendations for the best Mercedes windshield wipers, along with some from our experts.

Original Equipment

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Like @plinker17722 said, it's tough to beat the original equipment wipers from Mercedes-Benz. They're designed specifically to fit your glass, especially important if you have one of the older Merc models that use the monowiper in place of a conventional two-wiper design.

Original equipment wipers are a little bit more money, but they're also premium wipers. That's what you expect from your Mercedes-Benz, after all, isn't it? With OEM wipers, you're also guaranteed that you won't have any problems fitting the wiper to the arm, because they're designed to fit only your vehicle, not to fit a wider range of brands, makes, models, and styles.



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Rain-X makes everything from rain-repelling windshield coatings to a full lineup of wiper blades. Rain-X offers its top-end wipers with a beam-blade design that works better to keep the blades clear of snow and ice and planted to the glass. These ones came recommended by user @Phil Nolot. But it also has conventional hinge-frame wipers for those looking for a value-priced wiper and then the middle-ground hybrid wiper. The Hybrid wiper combines the features of beam and conventional wipers, offering a lower cost than a beam-style but much better performance than a conventional wiper. Rain-X wipers were recommended by @carste10 who liked the silicone blades, and by @SolaSoul.


PIAA Aero Vogue

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PIAA's Aero Vogue silicone rubber wiper blades were recommended by @isthenew who said that they've lasted more than three years of brutal conditions. PIAA uses a silicone rubber that lasts longer with a compound that is meant to help promote water beading - for cleaner glass - and quiet operation. These wipers offer refillable arms. So you can swap only the rubber blade when it is time for a change and not have to put the rest of the wiper frame in the garbage. That can reduce costs for you and it's better for the planet.


Bosch Aerotwin

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Bosch offers up an impressive selection of windshield wipers, including the Aerotwin, which was recommended by user @Leetom.

The Bosch Aerotwin blades use a spring-steel beam design that keeps the blade pinned to your glass at all times. The aerodynamic design of the arm is meant to help keep the blades in secure contact with your glass while reducing wind noise, chattering, and other annoyances. Bosch blades, no matter which you get, are high up on our list of wiper blade recommendations.


Trico Silicone Ceramic

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Trico invented the windshield wiper blade in 1917 and today offers up a dozen different grades of wipers from bargain to super-premium Silicone Ceramic.

We really like the Silicone Ceramic because these top-grade blades are designed to last three times longer than average blades. The coating reduces friction and drag on the glass, letting them operate more smoothly and doing a better job of clearing your windshield. The coating also protects the blade material from ozone, UV, and weather conditions, part of why they can last so long in the first place.


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