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What an amazing feature on the CLK!!!

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Has anyone noticed how the 209 is at a standstill on an incline ( lets say if you have traffic lights on an incline/ slightly steep road). I just realized that when I took my foot of the brakes it didn't move back with the decline on the road. WOW!!!. now why didn't I get that earlier! Surprisingly this does not happen on a straight/ levelled road..or an descent ? Such a piece of mind when you are in a queue of cars at traffic lights. No worries that you'll roll back & hit the car behind you. I did notice that one has to keep the brakes on for a certain time period....few seconds perhaps.... before you achieve the "standstill" option?. It just stays glued!!!

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My friends 545 BMW had an even nicer feature. When your took your foot off the gas going downhill it didnt speed up. It kept a steady speed.[/QUOTE]

That's standard on my car as well. I believe there was a "revealing" thread about this feature on this forum when someone discovered this is standard on CLKs.

On the other point about standstill on steep accent, I tried 4 different cars today ( other well as new Accord + a friend's account ). All 2004 models...this feature is not standard on either of them in D mode.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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