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What an amazing feature on the CLK!!!

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Has anyone noticed how the 209 is at a standstill on an incline ( lets say if you have traffic lights on an incline/ slightly steep road). I just realized that when I took my foot of the brakes it didn't move back with the decline on the road. WOW!!!. now why didn't I get that earlier! Surprisingly this does not happen on a straight/ levelled road..or an descent ? Such a piece of mind when you are in a queue of cars at traffic lights. No worries that you'll roll back & hit the car behind you. I did notice that one has to keep the brakes on for a certain time period....few seconds perhaps.... before you achieve the "standstill" option?. It just stays glued!!!

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Don't be overly impressed. All of my cars starting with my 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix did this. Mind you, my CLK 350 seems to roll back on an incline when i'm trying to get into my garage! Weird...
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