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What affects oil pressure?

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I only have this car in my possession for the past 3 months. I have observed that sometimes, during idle at a stop light after the engine has warmed up, the gauge reads at 2 and when I drive, it goes back to 3. When I start the car in the am and during idle, the gauge is at 3. Is something "stuck" causing it to be at 2 during idle at the light after the motor is warm? Or is this normal? It also sometimes "twtiches/bounces" back and forth around 2 a couple of times and then settles at 2.

The car had a valve job 18k mi ago. The rings were supposedley (sp?) checked during that time.
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Note also that the oil pressure sensor (which is located beneath the oil filter) can get dirty and give false readings. They're very difficult to clean, and are best to be replaced if they have failed.
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