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This Mercedes plug-in hybrid might be considered a failure, since it was ended in 2021. But what kind of failure was it- a poor car, or just a market failure? I've recently stumbled upon it in my search for a good SUV. I'm seeing HUGE price cuts in the 2018-19 model now, as much as $12,000 in six months, and now they can be had at the end of factory warranty in the mid-$30s, with very low mileage. Lord, I am tempted, because I'm a big fan of PHEVs. Despite their short EV-only ranges, I've seen that they can save plenty of fuel by handling short local shopping trips in EV mode. So without debating PHEVs overall, what's the deal with the 350e?

Did MB customers take the leap to full EV rather than buying PHEV, so sales were low? Were they embarrassed to say that their car goes just a dozen miles in EV? Or did they immediately trade for the 2020 version, with the larger battery?

Was the 350e a good car that came at the wrong time, or is it cursed with technical demons? I can't find much reliability information on the hybrid, separate from the rest of the GLC line.
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