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What a mess.

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Help. I found a mess of oil all over the front of my engine. After cleaning up what I could I found the oil is leaking from the filter housing. There is a square finned section attached to the housing itslef and the oil is leaking from between them. What is the square fined piece and is this something I can fix? Is there a gasket bewteen them or is it all one part that has maybe cracked? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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If you did an oil change or just had one done, it could be the top O-ring on the filter or the large nut at the bottom of the filter housing (#8 in diagram).

Or as Drewbush said the O-rings in between the cooler and filter housing. The two seals in between are #112 184 02 61 & 112 184 03 61 and the seal at the bottom of the housing is 112 184 00 61 (#6 in the diagram). Here are the instructions.


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