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What a mess.

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Help. I found a mess of oil all over the front of my engine. After cleaning up what I could I found the oil is leaking from the filter housing. There is a square finned section attached to the housing itslef and the oil is leaking from between them. What is the square fined piece and is this something I can fix? Is there a gasket bewteen them or is it all one part that has maybe cracked? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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Great thanks. I predict the O rings because I can see the oil seeping up and out of the seam on top between the filter housing and the heat sink. I'll be pulling it out tonight. Results to follow. THANKS
$58 for two small rubber washers and the leak is gone. Now I need to find someplace to steam clean the mess away. Thanks for the answers.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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