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What’s your car running temp ?

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Hi Guys! So I’m trying to get some idea of how hot your cars run ? I drive a 1991 w126 350SD

The reason is I’m chasing down a hot running 350Sd for a year!
I dont know if I’m crazy...
Ive changed everything from the Radiator , expansion tank cap, thermostat , water pump, and viscous clutch fan , and flushed the system more time then i can count ... the whole cooling system is new basically.

when i drive on the highway its stays right between the 80 and the line Above it ... sometime closer to 80. Then when i get off the highway the temp starts to creep up and gets to that line. Some time over it by a bit . Considering the thermostat is rated for 80 i would think that even 85 is running a little hot? Also the aux fan never kicks on ! Is this something that is supposed to happen past a certain temp? I was told that the fans don’t kick On unless the AC is on, and mine doesn’t hold charge so i dont refill it .

In the past my 85 300td stayed at 80 and never changed!

I’m i crazy or does every ones else’s car Run at 80?

ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated... at my wit’s end !

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My '85 300SD runs somewhere between the 80 and 100 mark. My mechanic tells me it's okay and not to worry about it too much, unless it goes above 100 and the aux cooling fan doesn't come on. I had the fan resister that sits under the master cylinder and a switch was installed under the dash. I can manually run the fan or let it come on throughout the temp sensor. I usually only use it in heavy traffic (I live in SoCal) and if I have to pull a steep grade, like going to Colorado through the mountains.
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