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What’s your car running temp ?

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Hi Guys! So I’m trying to get some idea of how hot your cars run ? I drive a 1991 w126 350SD

The reason is I’m chasing down a hot running 350Sd for a year!
I dont know if I’m crazy...
Ive changed everything from the Radiator , expansion tank cap, thermostat , water pump, and viscous clutch fan , and flushed the system more time then i can count ... the whole cooling system is new basically.

when i drive on the highway its stays right between the 80 and the line Above it ... sometime closer to 80. Then when i get off the highway the temp starts to creep up and gets to that line. Some time over it by a bit . Considering the thermostat is rated for 80 i would think that even 85 is running a little hot? Also the aux fan never kicks on ! Is this something that is supposed to happen past a certain temp? I was told that the fans don’t kick On unless the AC is on, and mine doesn’t hold charge so i dont refill it .

In the past my 85 300td stayed at 80 and never changed!

I’m i crazy or does every ones else’s car Run at 80?

ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated... at my wit’s end !

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My ‘81 300SD runs consistently at 80, AC on or off, but different engine.
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