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What´s this ??? Erlkönig??

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Some guys at the bimmer-board were making fun of this car...<br><br>
It seems to be a prototyp or something like it?<br><br>
Does anybody know something more?:<br><br>
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Looks like a C class some ruined.
Seeing the fuel door on the driver's side, it is most likely a rice burner. I'd say its a Civic with some bodywork.
I'd be making fun of it too! What a POS spookmobile!


Yep it's a Civic with more cash invested in the front clip than in the rest of the car. Ha.<br> <br> Nelson Muntz
Yup, that's a Civic with C-class head light, Honda Accord tail lights and M3 mirrors.
hahaha. that's a civic or some honda car with

extensive body work. the exhaust is on the right side and the gas lid is on the left. why would anyone want to waste money like this?
Re: hahaha. that's a civic or some honda car with

A fairly well done job for a <br> rice rocket, no doubt some pimply faced adolescents pride amd joy.
Re: Re: What´s this ??? Erlkönig??

It has only front grille and lights off the<br> new C. The rest is definitely some crap<br> (look at the side glass shape).

the turn signal on the side isnt on the rear veiw mirror and only 4 holes on the wheel,the grill has been cut in half to fit on the small hood
Say what you want, it's going to look good when it's done.....

Somebody put a hell of a lot of time and money into that, and the workmanship doesn't look bad from what I can see.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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