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had MANY cars in my time..

first time i got a merc..

i got a C220D blue with black leather interior..

it's got the evolution susp pack on it and at first i thought it was too hard, but i got used to it and deflated my back tyres by a few psi and now i love it!

seriously this thing goes round corners like it's on rails! :D

also my first diesel, and diesel engines have different dynamics than petrol, so i'm getting used to that, but if i REALLY try hard i can sometimes pip 50mpg, which is incredible..

my old bmw 318ti compact, 1.8 petrol, which is replaced could BARELY get 25mpg on a good day, so it's a real step up in terms of mpg..

i am after some info (stereo, wheels and tyres), but will post in the relevant place ;)
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