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Went to the MB E-motions event in SF today!

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If you didn't go you didn't miss much. It was a nice set up. Lots of yuppie grub. Long wait to drive the new E class.
I was under the impression that we would get to test more cars. But they only had test for the E320 and E500. I test-drove the E500, I didn't expect much and I didn't get much. No need to drive the same car with a smaller engine. The Panorama sunroof was kind of cool.
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TIM -- I SAW your car there, I was there also Sat morning!

We haven't met so I didn't know what you looked like. I was going to park right behind you but instead parked away from the crowd with the group of S4s and M3s.

The E500 was OK. The E320 was a dog. It was toooooo slow.

I like most of the E500's technology (which are already in the W220 S class) but for me, I'd just upgrade to the new W211 E55 (if I can afford it). With ~450hp and 4-doors, that would definitely be an all-around car.
I gotta get something that has Benzworld on it to make it easier to pick out the f...

I gotta get something that has Benzworld on it to make it easier to pick out the forum members.
I was there with my wife and daughter.
I test drove the E500, figured the E320 wasn't worth the wait (Long line as you know). I was a little disappointed in the verity of cars they let us test. The show was nicely done just not enough places to sit. If there’s another event we need to meet somewhere first, that way we get to meet the forum people.
Last year's event was more fun....

The models that we drove last year ranged from the C230 coupe to the CL600. The AMG versions were driven by race car drivers on "hot laps," power-sliding throughout each turn on the parking lot.

Until the next event........
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