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Well it happened

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someone hit my car..1994 s320
I came out of a store and there it was....The body of the car is fine, but they smashed the headlight. I just purchased the lens on ebay for $100...Does anyone know how to change this, or how to get the lens out.....My husband has another project [;)]

I can not tell you how many door dings I got from careless this was no surprise..I purposely park far away from other cars...They find me
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look at the positive could have been worse..

i owned a 740il while i had my...

look at the positive could have been worse..

i owned a 740il while i had my 97 s500, and even though the 740il had much less miles and was newer and more expensive, i worry more about my baby..the s500...

First week i got it, i came out and someone had keyed it on the side all the way from the trunk to the front fender...i freaked......and then i got the amg monoblocks and i got curb rash and i was upset....

so i learned to accept it as part of owning the car..and things could have been worse...or else i would have driven myself nuts every time i saw a new ding.....

lights are pretty simple to replace...if you cant do it, have a local mechanic chain do them..

good luck

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