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Welcome to the forum to discuss diagnostic tools for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Here are a few ground rules:

1. Please keep things friendly and fun! No name-calling, trolling, bullying, or harassing. It's OK to debate an issue, just keep it civil.

2. Use the search function before posting. Your question might already have been answered. If you find a thread that is closely related to your topic, post there. If not, feel free to start your own thread, but please give it a good description. Things like "Xentry Problems" are very vague. Try to be more specific, like "Xentry Won't Connect to C4".

3. This forum is about the tools and using them - not about diagnosing a specific problem with a specific car. Please don't post things like. "I have code 1208 on a 2006 C230..." That needs to go in the forum specific to that car!

4. Unless you are an official forum sponsor, do not advertise here. If you find a good deal on something, it's OK to post that as long as YOU are not the seller! If you are cleaning out your garage and want to sell or trade something you no longer need, there is a forum for that: For Sale/Wanted/Trade/Giveaway It is OK to post a link from that forum in here if it relates to diagnostic tools.

5. Although most people here are adults, please refrain from using offensive language or images.
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