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Thanks to lfedje for the banner!​

Here's a 3 minute video from Dave and Dig that contains the information presented in this post, below.

Are you a new member with a question? Many other members of the 107 Nation would like to help but first, they need some basic information from you. Easiest and best way to do that is with the UserCP button at the top of any page. Go to Edit Profile and you can put in;
  • The year and model 107(s) you own. For example: 1989 560SL lets everyone know immediately what systems or parts apply to your car and can avoid discussing those which are not applicable.
  • Your location. You can be vague but it helps us direct you to the best sources near you.
  • The total number of miles on your chassis. If your odometer stopped working a year ago, take your best guess at your mileage and include it in the "Vehicle" section (Refer to the avatar at the top / left of this post).
We still want to hear your questions as well as your opinions but it will be easier to help you if you've done a little research first. There is a SEARCH function in the upper right corner of the forum page that lists the threads. Type in a keyword such as "subframe" or "burble" and you will see all of the posts containing those words. There is an absolute treasure trove of information to be mined here.

Also, listed in The Encyclopaedia Germanica Volume 107, the BW107 reference library, are links*** to threads containing many commonly discussed issues. They are a valuable first step, and possibly even the last word, in learning about the care and maintenance of your 107(s). Please note that in many cases, once the original topics in these threads have been thoroughly discussed, the threads may begin to wander a bit. That's just how we roll!

*** indicates that the link is off BenzWorld.

Here is a thread that is an example of how to create a useful DIY instructional thread. While the subject matter is lighthearted, the techniques employed in the creation of the thread make it easier for others to follow your work.
Front License Bracket (US) remove & replace / 3 post tutorial by Digmenow

Attention: If you have any suggestions for improving this Thread, please make them by clicking on this link to the Suggestions for Forum Top sticky thread. Thanks!

A nod to the mods who went before and to those who follow.

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Thanks to Zeitgeist for pioneering this format!​

Nominate an Off Topic thread This link leads to an open thread for nominating a worthy thread for inclusion.

It Is What It Is, Dude
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107 Pictures / Video / Member Homepage-Websites
*** indicates that the link is off BenzWorld.

Post a picture of your SL by FeelTheLove
As built by the factory by ScottinSoCal
prwizard's 500SL Rallye Car At Targa Tasmania 09 Photo Gallery by prwizard
Hollywood, da, da, da, da, Hollywood! by smack
280SL Restoration On TV:"Wheeler Dealers" by Emre-K
107's w/ Famous Places in backgound Pics by ussun
The Official BW107 Hall Of Shame by isthisdave

Restoration Sagas...great reading for a rainy Sunday afternoon!
CLASSIC AMG HELP ...1973 450slc AMG by ussun
My 380SL project by bandit96
I Finally Started by nobby
My 450SL (350) Top end rebuild by RacingDiagnostics

The Making of Samson Worlds First V-12 107 by roncallo
1973 450SL project by maboyce
Added 11/14/2013

Video DIY

This section is for Member created/discovered video depicting specific DIY instructional content.
For best results,
  1. Post your video to your YouTube account. You may use video from other sources but embedding is not currently available.
  2. Mind your language, etc. when filming. Inappropriate content will not be considered for inclusion and may be removed entirely.
  3. Start a new thread entitled something appropriate such as "How to do XXX repair / Video DIY".
  4. Put the video in the first post with any comments you'd like to make regarding the task, special instructions which you may have left out during the filming, etc. or simply let the video stand alone if it speaks for itself.
  5. Post a request for inclusion in the Nominate a Picture thread at the top of this post. Be sure to include the link to the thread you are nominating.
  6. All posted videos will be subject to BenzWorld Terms of Use as described in the last post of this thread.

Steering System Replacement Video by RenatoMB

Window Switch Overhaul by Ears
Air Filter Change Video by RenatoMB
Door panel removal / Door check video by RenatoMB
Window Adjustment Video by RenatoMB

For Sale or Want To Buy
Found this 107 on Craigslist/Ebay/etc, the BW107 For Sale and WTB Thread

Member Homepage-Websites (These sites are off BenzWorld but include Mercedes content)

rmsmith's Homepage by Ears
Mercedes Stuff by strife2
SL Registry, Anyone? by Ears

Nominate a Picture thread This link leads to an open thread for nominating a worthy thread for inclusion.

It Is What It Is, Dude
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107 Off Topic... but still worthy!
*** indicates that the link is off BenzWorld.

These cars like to be driven by BenzToy

NSFW: Babes I like by isthisdave
107 in Movies by smack
107 EVERYWHERE. by nobby
SONIC and 107s by nobby

GTG (Get ToGether) Threads
Please remember to include the month and year in your title.

Pending or Current

Been There, Done That.
GTG 2017 Solar Eqlipse
It's That Time Again - 4th Annual SoCal GTG Fri Apr 21- Sun Apr 23, 2017
GTG: Orlando / Ocala April 14-17, 2016 by nobby
3rd Annual SoCal GTG, Los Angeles, CA - Apr 22-24 2016 by Droidster
BenzyPalooza 2015: The Yukon by nobby
Anyone Near New Boston, NH or Philadelphia for a GTG on June 13, 2115? by dgosh28
2nd Annual BW107 SoCal Workshop GTG April 9-12, 2015 by Droidster
SoCal DIY Repair Clinic GTG Saturday March 22, 2014 by Droidster
January 30, 2014 Classic Center GTG by dgosh28
Sonic/OKC GTG June 21-23 by SoonerCPA
June 7/8, 2013 GTG - Buffalo, NY by macbook
Texas GTG - Centerville TX Saturday June 1, 2013 by alabbasi
Impromptu Great Barrington MA GTG Tomorrow thru Wednesday!!! by ChiefRider
BenzyPalooza 2012 by TopNob
GTGin Florida? by 3547fl7600 Mile, 1 month, road trip, one month away by maynardg
GTG May 2011 at Rowdie's by nobby

BenzyPalooza*** The Official May 2011 GTG Website by mrelbe
October 2010 Post Meeting of The Black Fuzzy Dice Gang, Local 24, Barrie, Ontario, Canada by cctoronto
2nd annual OHNO Mr. Bill GTG 7/31/10 by gerkebi
06/2010 Fleetwood Country Cruise In GTG by shaun88
Spring GTG April 17,18 2010 by Jody
10/2009 Miny GTG in Bradford, Ontario by nobby
Dig's road trip ~ Summer 2009 (1st annual OHNO Mr. Bill GTG) by Digmenow
June 13 2009 Buffalo GTG by ussun

In Memoriam (aka:Bucket Kickers)
Cancer: In conclusion by eric242340
February, 2019
PetesMGA. by ChiefRider December, 2014
Sad News: Tom "kimmosaabie" Tressler RIP by nobby February, 2014
Sad News and a Plea for Help (docsaab ) by Skylaw September, 2011
First drive: 450 SLC (Nick450 ) by GingerPuss
October, 2010
Sad note - USSUN by smack August, 2010

Nominate an Off Topic thread This link leads to an open thread for nominating a worthy thread for inclusion.
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