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Weird wires to no where ???

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Replace a new used(* Exelence condition from PO) center console and also front pass seat ( Airbag was unplug wth:rolleyes: !!) then so I decided to remove all front seats off and inspected take this advantage I shampooing all carpet ( Fresh as new now :D) but then the culprit was a discovery of this BLUE and BLACK wire came from beween carpet and transmission's humback because it stucks there which I have no ideal where is came from, Don't want to open carpet due to lotsa works to do this. These wire end at center console and do nothing, BTW every thing at the console were working as it supposed to ...
At this moment batteries are off therefore I can not test.
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Not sure about those two wires, but how did you get the glovebox out?
And those wires appear to be aftermarket as it looks like normal electrical tape on them. Mercedes usually uses something like felt tape.
You might be able to get an easier look if you pull back the passenger side foot well carpet.
(Don't mind the marks as that was something I was pointing out in my thread.)
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Well be sure to let us know what you find. When running my wires for the new Android radio install I did not see any wires like that. I had the dash and underneath the glovebox apart, but could not figure out how to get the glovebox out.
This wire is continue goes to ( under R side carpet) to the trunk and end up to and un hook at battery compartment I would said PO was tryied to have continuous power supply for some new personal portable equipment at the center console but never finish, I may take this opportunity. At this time I am graful to know your are the only one who is installing a new Android to up grade cause I am serious want to have newest Android 11 car play with touch screen ( Ebay for less than $600 :rolleyes:) but just wandering how much reliable this unit is ??) Please give me some courage :D.
Damn, I could make use of that wiring then! LOL
It's now 559.99, but I got it for 429.99 on February 5th and delivered February 7th.
It is now fully installed, but I need to run a better mic and jump the GPS antenna to the factory one. I just ordered the parts for that and will do it in a few days.
So far it's mostly working, but the damn day/night auto switch by time of day light detection doesn't work. Still trying to figure that out.
I also had to buy the MMI adapter so It could plug directly into the Audio out from the Android unit.
All in all I'm happy with it.

Now would be a great time to get one since you have all the correct parts removed to do the full install. LOL
Thanks for the responses, I am not going to wait any longer for this regardless re remove dash parts to install this Car play up grading, isn't difficult to me to do this ( Was fun any how) . Bottom line is you are having a few hiccups ..
#1- Parts for better Mic and GPS antenna jumper : Optional from same supplier ?
#2- What is MMI adapter ?
Happy to hear ya happy with this so far..
1: The mic wire is too short so I can not route it up to where it needs to go, plus theirs is bulky.
2: MMI adapter. These are the different ones available. I got the one with the usb and 3.5mm jack.
People say using the factory GPS is better than the one they supplied. I do have that one connected, but in reality if you are using Carplay or Android auto, they use the phones GPS supposedly. I know my Carplay in my 2001 S430 had issues with gps, that's for sure.
Great 👍 , just a little more info researching now on my end. Will be in touch Sir.
Very important! 2007 to 2009 use command version 3.0. And 2010 to 2013 use command version 3.5.
From what I have seen, people are having issues with Android 12 and 2007-2009 so make sure not to get Android 12. Also there seems to be some sort of sound issue if you do not have Aux enabled in command under Audio. There seems to be other ways to enable this using the Android method or you will need star or you can use the "secret menu" on your version of command.

I had to get the MMI adapter because I did not have an AUX in port.
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Are these pictures come from your recent install Android 11 car play ?
Yes. That is of my install.
Look pretty good as like late modern Benz today..I may go for this route, Bottom line our 2007 W221 Benz support flatform os NTG 3,0 ? I see some newer Android 11 don't mention NTG 3.0 but 4 or 4.5 and up.
Lastly quest is your model support rear backup cam ? I did pre wire rear cam from trunk to dash board ready for this.
This is for 3.0/3.5 and they have the option to chose before buying.
Yes, it has option to add camera's. Also it still uses your command and if car already had backup camera, that would work as well.
I need to wire up for a hood camera as I liked that feature on my 01(Self add - Actually it had surround camera).
Yes, now back to the original issues at hand. How is that going now?
I will order this unit from your referral Amazon, but will ( if needed ) order more of other misc items but for sure is the must have rear backup cam.
Check the FAQ section. See if any of your questions have been asked and answered there first.....:)
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