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2002 SLK230
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Hey guys,

A little FYI for you in case this happens to you.

My car has been really good to me since I bought it. Just turned 100K a few weeks back and it's been a champ so I was really surprised on Weds when I started it at work and the throttle began to rise and fall on it's own. On the beltway, it was nerve racking as it would speed up then drop off as if 2 cylinders dropped out. It kept doing this and I pulled over once I got onto a secondary road. Couldn't see anything obvious under the hood and continued to my daughters home. There, before we left I did a quick and dirty "reset throttle parameters" where I went through all the actions, but wasn't able to wait the full 2 minutes afterwards. I started the car and the problem was gone and hasn't come back. I checked for codes since the CEL never came on and there weren't any stored codes....knocking on wood, it still runs like a champ!!

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