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weird sound from om617 turbo engine

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My car suddenly has this weird sound, when running.
sounds like a vacuumcleaner or something(maybe turbo?)
here is a link to a short clip with the sound.
YouTube - om617 turbo weird sound
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I recently replaced the intake seal ring from the U-shaped boot, maybe it's not fitted properly. I will check the whole intake tomorrow.
Looked today but nothing is wrong with the aircleaner or seal ring. started the car without the aircleaner unit and made the same noise again. like sheding metals.
de sound comes at the back of the turbo.
Look for an exhaust or intake leak. Use soapy water.
just put some soapy water on the engine? or check the valves. this problem occured suddenly
Put it where the intake and exhaut manifolds meet the motor on the left side.

thanks that might be it, because I see some oil on the engine behind the exhaust towards the back of the engine.
is this a headgasket problem?
I didn't found the noise that come's out of my engine.
I pulled the belts from the steering and my aircopump but didn't solve it.
when I put my tranny in Drive the sound goes away, but putting in P or Neutral the sound comes again after 5 seconds.
I am confused at this point, anyone?
I checked the the turbo by turning it by hand, no sound and going very smooth.
could it be the waterpump making this squeeling noise?
took off the belts from the alternator/waterpump but the noise stays.
The only thing I remember that I adjusted the wastegate on my triple-K turbo (?????)

I ordered the stethoscope and want to locate the noise, this is making me crazy...
A friend of mine (Bruinsma) told me this could be the Transmission (torque converter) because when I put it in Drive the noise is gone for 5 seconds.

I had a leak before in the front main seal of the tranny, put some stuff in the tranny to make the seals softer and stopped the leaking, but now this noise came up after a week.
lecwec ,
it's a fluid that will stop any leak in engine tranny and diff on a car.
I replaced the transmission and the sound was gone, seemed like the old tranny was toast.
Will not pour that shit again in the transmission, that's for sure.
1 - 12 of 23 Posts
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