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weird sound from om617 turbo engine

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My car suddenly has this weird sound, when running.
sounds like a vacuumcleaner or something(maybe turbo?)
here is a link to a short clip with the sound.
YouTube - om617 turbo weird sound
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Don't panic! It could be something no so major.
I had some weird noise from my engine 2 years ago
and I was afraid that it could be the timing chain
and would cost me some big expenses.
But lucky enough, It wasn't.
So before you taking anything off,
just get a proper tool and try to exactly locate
the source of that noise first.
I used STETHOSCOPE (paid around under $10) to pinpoint
the source of the noise with good result.
It turned out that my alternator was going bad.


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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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