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Hey all,

My car is a 1994 E220 (facelifted)..

About 6 months ago, it developed this funny fault in which the flash of the high beam wouldn't work.

Normally, the flash would be activated by pulling the indicator stick towards yourself regardless whether the headlights are on. However, it doesn't work anymore.. Everytime I need a high beam I would have to switch on the headlights to the rightmost position and then push the indicator stick away from myself.

So, I would still get a high beam eventually , but I cannot use the flash.

Does anyone know the fix to this, or is this a common fault and I should look in some places first (e.g. the fuse box, even though I have no idea where it is).

Any info. is greatly appreciated,

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It's almost certainly the switch inside the arm itself.

You'll need to replace the entire arm, but a secondhand one should be easy enough to source.
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