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Anyone aware of oil leaking from here?

I think it could explain this thread:

or seeing visible smoke from the back when I stretch the legs of the coupe (90+ MPH for longer than 5 miles), which makes sense because when you push the car a lot, oil pressure gets high and could be leaking out of these vacuum ports.

that said, when I took the intake housing off, it was really dirty with oil and the MAF was covered in dirty oil as well, and you can see the same dirtyness on the butterfly valve of the throttle actuator.

What are the best ways to clean them out?

I also have developed a very slight rough idle and took the intake off to look at the ignition coils but spotted the above dirtyness.

The idle isn't really really rough like its about to conk out and the car shakes a lot, its just there are visible yet very very subtle inconsistencies in idle RPM sometimes, and you can feel the engine kicking very very subtly like theres a very small misfire. It does not inhibit driving at all but it just doesnt idle as smoothly as it used to. Motor mounts were done just last year and this rough idle doesn't happen all the time.

Could the dirty MAF cause the rough idle? How do I fix that oil leak?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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