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Hi All,

The car... 380 SLC approx 1984 160K (on the clock)
The driver... 82 year old gent had car for over 20 years (driver slowly)
The problem... engine lossed all power but still idles (roughly) drives about 5km hr on flat ground
Things that have been changed so far... plugs, rotor button, leads, coil.
Things tested... fuel pressure (6.1 bar when idleing). fuel return line (clear).
timing ( on one occasion that it reved to 3000 rpm and I managed to check and adjust the timing to 25 vacuum off) when engine was cold but it haven't been able to rev it up that high since.

I pulled the dizzy out and rotated it with Ignition lights on and spark plug fitted to king lead (coil HT) earthed out on engine. there is a blue spark but very faint/weak, this was also tried with heavy duty jumper cable attached to battery earth to engine, as I have read about earthing issues, but still the same result

When it is idleing it seams like its missing but i put that down to the weak spark and there is a heavy/rich/unburnt fuel.

Battery voltage at idle is 13.6 and 13.4 with lights on.

So can anyone help me with some good suggestions on what to be testing next as I seem to be drinking more coffee than getting my hands dirty!

Many Thanks.

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Welcome to the 107 asylum.

The 380SLC was only made one year. 1981 model year.
Have you tested the coil? Also check the wire from the dizzy to the ignition control box. Ignition control box could also be bad.
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