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Hi everyone im new here, I wuz checkin out sum forums and ur guys site seamed the best! Keep up the good work!
Now for my problem, I am putting togeather a 02 s430 that wuz left in one of my body shops for an unpaid bill, The car had a light right 3/4 nose with some sup. damage! I changed everything out with new expect the strut which came out of a good running car and worked no prob! the pump wuz coming on at frist but the car wuz not rasing very high on the rt front where we changed the strut,(like is wuz moving very slow to the rest, then everything stop the pump stop and the rest of the car stayed where it wuz.

So i had other work in my shop so i got put back in the yard for a wk or so, so today i started workin on it again and i checked everything fuse's, realays, the pump it self, everything good and in working order. Wat i found wuz that there is no power goin to the pump, i hard wired it and it runs fine, Im thinking sumthin must have to be rest set in order for the car to rasie and for the airmatic to work, and it also says airmatic workshop on the dash.

So how can i fix this or do i have to bring it to da stealer? Thanx for any help.
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