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wats the different btw xenon and non-xenon

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my 1999 clk's headlight is white... is that xenon? or is it non-xenon? cause i always thought non-xenon r the yellowish kinda color.
can someone post a pix of xenon headlights and non-xenon headlights? thx

so if i have the WHITE kinda headlight, and it is broken. can i buy the non-xenon ones and just swap the bulbs because my xenon headlight still works... the outside cover and some of the inner plastic are cracked.
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Depending on if you bought your car new. If you did, and the light was "white", then it is xenon.

On the other hand, the previous owner might have put cheap bulbs in there.

The picture below is one of the real xenon bulbs. The first pic is D2R type and second pic is D2S type. These are expensive but affordable. As mentioned, they last about 2000hrs so it's not that bad. Ebay sells them for less than $100 a pair (new).
Note if your bulbs are xenon, they should look similar to those above pics. These bulbs require ballasts to work
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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