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Water, wave, dripping sound

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I noticed a water dripping noise coming from the dashboard when I turn on the heater. I thought of nothing at first two days then decided to pop the hood yesterday. I saw a unplugged that is conneced to the side of the fan which is connected to the coolant reservoir -- about 3 feet hose. Turns out the it was slowly spraying coolant to the side of the ABS housing. The coolant level wasn't low enough to lite up but I was lucky enough to check and popped the hood.

Whew, good thing it would have been a little more than $6 coolant quick fix up if I didn't check.

She is running like a champ again. I just push the plud in and make sure it's in tack. So far so good! no more leak and water noise in the cabin!
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Interesting.... mine did not have that sound until i discover the leak.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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