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Water, wave, dripping sound

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I noticed a water dripping noise coming from the dashboard when I turn on the heater. I thought of nothing at first two days then decided to pop the hood yesterday. I saw a unplugged that is conneced to the side of the fan which is connected to the coolant reservoir -- about 3 feet hose. Turns out the it was slowly spraying coolant to the side of the ABS housing. The coolant level wasn't low enough to lite up but I was lucky enough to check and popped the hood.

Whew, good thing it would have been a little more than $6 coolant quick fix up if I didn't check.

She is running like a champ again. I just push the plud in and make sure it's in tack. So far so good! no more leak and water noise in the cabin!
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My w124 also has that sound of water coming from the heater inside the cabin. Heat is ok though and there are no discernible leaks anywhere so am waiting to see what happens next.

For now it just puzzles me big time! [:0]
I have the same noise, like slurping water, when the heater is turned on. I've used the heater alot this winter and I don't seem to be losing coolant.

Does anybody know if this sound is normal or if something is broken?

A good MB tech (shop) should be able to 'bleed out' the air.
Thanks mrnickleye
Do you know how to get the air out and what the part is that needs to be installed to help with this?

How does air get into the system in the first place?

Thanks for the replies all. I'll have a look at it this weekend.

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