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Water on rear passenger floor

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Does anyone have had this problem?. I recently bought a brand new c200 kompressor and I noticed out of the dealer that rear-right floor carpet was soaked. I cheked on front-right floor and same thing happened.<br><br>
I think it could be evaporator unit drain pipe that could be loose or lack, maybe blocked and water is running back.<br><br>
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Didnt u take it back to the dealer right away?<br> thats what i would have done and be furious
I didn't have this problem myself, but I read in a German forum that some guy had the same problem. He took it to the dealer and they found out that the drain pipe from the AC wasn't properly mounted. Quite a simple thing for the dealer to fix. The procedure of fixing the drain pipe was made in 20 minutes, but it almost took a day for the interior to dry up. Take your car to your dealer ASAP!
I had the same problem in my clk320,,,,it mite be the window seals..or the evaporator box is clogged
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